The Superkiiids (Voiceover)
The Goatpeople (Demo)
Ryan Lee/Strata (Demo)
The Leaving (Demo)
Coup De Grace (EP/master)
Kill Devil (demo)
Jackaroe (EP)
One4All (EP )
Christian Fuhrer(Demo)
Beneath The Will (EP/Master)
Sirens For Sleeping (EP/Master)
Shiloh (LP/Master)
Redemption (Demo)
Burden of Atlas (EP/Master)
Placid Paradox (EP/Master)
A Tin Djinn (EP/Master)
In the Shadow (EP/Master)
Treason at Sea (EP/Master)
The Aim of Song (EP/Master)
Museum Mouth (LP/ Master)
The Sound Down Shore (EP/Master)
Rictus Grim (LP/Master)
Abram Young (EP)

Color Orange (LP/Master)
Covela (LP/Master)
American Americans (EP/Master)
Dragon Seeks Path (LP/Master)
Eulogy Records
Hospital Dancing (Mix/Master)

Ashley Jana (EP/Master)
Toot (PKE Records/EP/Master)
Inside These City Lights (Demo)
BSteve (PKE Records/2012 EP/Master)
Rictus Grim (2012 LP/ Master)
D&D Sluggers (2012 LP/Master)
Inside These City Lights (2012 LP/Master)
Sumerlin (Acoustic EP)
Arbor Vitale (2013 EP)
Predecessor (2013 EP)
Tragic Hero Records
The Downtown Funk Band (2013 EP)
The Highlands (2014 Demo)
Justin Fox Trio (2014 EP)
Patrick Machen (2014 EP)
Fallin Records
Bare Noble (2015 EP)
Professor Toon (Single/Cardigan Records)
Ray Cox (2015 EP)
Mojotone Amplifiers
Striking Copper (2015 LP)
Soultone Cymbals
Break The Skyline (2016 LP)
Waterline Brewery
Lords and Liars (2016 EP)
Rich Dambakly
Old Heavy Hands (Industry Demos)
Austin Capps (2016 LP)
Hank Barbee
Big Rude Studio
NRD Films
Damona Waits (EP and master)
Damona Waits (Commercial Recordings)
Enemy of Mine (EP/Master)
Unholy Tongues (EP/Master)
Schuylar Croom (He is Legend/Compilation CD)
Bulls on Parade (EP/Master)
The Noseriders (LP/Master)
Damona Waits (LP)
Shiloh (LP/Master)
Bleak Heights (EP/Master)
Pretend Surprise (EP/Master)
The Helios Choir (EP/Master)
Rundown (EP)
L Shaped Lot (HBO series East Bound and Down)
Rundown (EP/Master)
Redemption (EP /Master)
The Helios Choir (LP/ Master)
D&D Sluggers (LP/Master)
Dead By 28 (Demo)
Versus Angels (LP/Master)
Medusa Stone (LP/Master)
Folkstar (LP/Master)
T.Y.V.O.J. (PKE Records/LP/Master)
April Showers (LP/Master)
Pink Kisses Entertainment
The Offer (Eulogy Records, LP/Master)
Astronauts Anonymous (LP/Master)
ETC Media (Radio Spot)
Pro Environmental Services (Radio Spot)

Elation (EP/Master)
Pretend Surprise (2012 EP/Master)
Beta Radio (2012 Christmas EP)
The Apprehended (2012 LP)
Damona Waits (Fallin Records/2012 LP)
Redemption (2012 LP/Master)
Dylan Holton (EP/Master)
Mosaic Artistry Group
Shane Hall (2013 LP/Master)
The Nasty Boyz (Single)
He Is Legend (2013 Pre Production)
Definitely A First (2013 LP)
Sky Temple Blues (Master 2013 EP)
Striking Copper (2014 EP)
Dream/Capital Records
Daniel Bennet (2014 EP)
Cynthlord (2015 Single)
Cardigan Records
Sea of Tyrants (2015 EP)
Colorworld (2015 EP)
Mesa Boogie Amplifiers
Northside Baptist Church (2015 EP)
Arbor Vitale (2016 EP)
November 1718 Films
Justin Cody Fox (2016 LP)
Falling For Tuesday (2016 EP)
Dynamic Soundworks
Bloodshot Records
Renn Anderson (Industry Demos)
American Americans (2018 EP)
Ray Cox (2018 Demos)
Striking Copper (2018 Single)
Striking Copper (2018 LP)
OSOG (2017 LP)
Dynamic Sound Works